Comedian Mariana Mazza will star in L’aréna, a new TV series that will be broadcast at Noovo in 2024.

As the name suggests, the sketch comedy action will take place in the world of ice rinks.

The 12 30-minute episodes were directed by Sébastien Gagné, to whom we owe Le chalet and Lâcher prize. Mariana Mazza will play one of the main roles there. The rest of the cast has yet to be revealed.

Hockey, figure skating, stands, canteen and zamboni will probably be there.

The shooting of L’aréna, produced by Entourage in collaboration with Bell Media, is scheduled for the end of the summer.

“There is no doubt that a series like L’aréna, which takes place in an emblematic Quebec location and which leaves room for humor thanks to texts tinged with a lot of self-mockery, can make all generations laugh,” said Suzane Landry, Vice-President, Content Development, Programming and Information at Bell Media via a press release.