Here and there, indeed, there were whistles against Niko Kovac – the former Frankfurt coach, a Cup winner in the summer, but much to his temporary return to the Frankfurt stadium happy. At first it seemed so, as he should especially with his old team, the fun belonging to ruin, but in the end Bayern won deserved, but much too high 3:0. And two spare weakened Teams had been, it should be noted that the Hinserie has been long and the short Christmas break comes at the right time.

Peter Ford

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

It was one of those scorching hot evenings of the summer had to be offer this year, so many, in the Kovac’s quite sure that he had made in his career, planning everything right. 5:0 had won his new team in the Supercup in his old Team, and Frankfurter had left the impression that they would now have to pay for those two years in which she had played with Kovac about their conditions, toll.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

The everything’s only been four months and seems to be in a completely different time. “Bayern are the favourites,” had Eintracht coach Adi Hütter said before the game– and that he had to stress this at all, spoke volumes. Frankfurt are with your style of play the surprise team of the season, and the respect of the Bayern most of the opponents have taken this season anyway. The Frankfurt anyway– they rushed the record Champions in the first twenty minutes in the Defensive with her quick transition play, from one embarrassment to the next. That the people of Munich are in the case of rapid counter-attacks, prone, spread– certainly up to Liverpool to the League leaders of the Premier League. The team of Jürgen Klopp waits in February in the Champions League to Bayern, and counter are your specialty.

Bayern remains Bayern

But even in a weaker season, and this season, even in spite of two so far, certainly, are Bayern still in the Bavaria– and there you were in the beginning phase in the residue, spread out, no restlessness at Munich, that you wanted to succeed to a head to the ball from Martinez, and a subsequent additional margin opportunity of Müller in the Offensive nothing. Up to the 35. Minute, and after the first played counter led Bayern 1:0, after Lewandowski had played his colleague Ribéry.


With a little luck would have been decided the game for Eintracht, who came to Swim, to break again, as in the summer, but Muller met with his head to the ball the crossbar. However, without the injured Bayern Cup shock Rebic, whose aggressiveness was missing from the state of Hesse, had Hütter no real Alternative on the bench, especially with Gacinovic is another one from the Sprint section of the Frankfurt shortly before the break hurt had from the field.

From the Flair of a top game but remained in the second half, much to be desired. It is a tough affair between two visibly tired teams and a game, in Munich, raised their whole Routine and the Frankfurter from the danger zone were– and, at the same time in a long time managed to provide you with a second goal for unique conditions.