social media Christian Prokop doesn’t trust so right about the path. An excessive preoccupation with them is the Handball coach sees as a threat to the mental Freshness that make the difference in a tournament. The Instagram post by Tobias Reichmann from Wednesday is not, strictly speaking, are not under this category, finally, Reichmann at the home of the world championship at all; the right of the MT Melsungen fell on Sunday the Cut for the world Cup squad to the victim.

Christian Kamp

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However, he fulfilled the second offence, the per capita income is considered as a potential hazard: the disturbance of industrial peace. The fact that Reichmann garnished on the day before the opening game against Korea with a nonchalant “I’m off” to the public in the “spontaneous vacation” to Florida and adopted, with a snap shot from the airport, was always seen as an Affront.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

The should have created according to ordinary standards of sporting togetherness facts about the day, even if Bob Hanning, Vice-President of the German football Federation, declined in a first reaction of consequences. “We exclusively focus on the players that are there. You have our full confidence,“ said Hanning. “Tobi wanted to even out and switch off. The disappointment in him is huge.“ However, a subsequent nomination rich man, in football in major tournaments is not unusual, appears in the face of this Ego-Trips, untimely unimaginable.