Claire Chazal ready to do surgery? His confidences without taboo


On December 1, Claire Chazal celebrated her 66th birthday. Over the course of her life, the journalist has changed considerably under the gaze of the millions of viewers who have followed her TF1 television news. In the columns of Gala, the ex-girlfriend of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor had mentioned the passage of time, saying that it was not easy for her. “It’s a very difficult passage, I say it and say it again. I suffer from it”, she had declared and to add: “You can have a life as active as at 20, that’s what I do and it’s my way of pushing back the idea of ​​age”.

Would she be ready to go under the knife? Nothing is less certain, according to her secrets to Paris Match in 2021. “I could do it, it’s true. But I prefer my makeup artist who has known me for thirty years. She knows very well how to go about it to smooth. Over the years, there is more work! But no, I don’t want scalpels, injections. It scares me. I don’t want to change my face”.

It must be said that the journalist “prefers an image that has its truth, its story, which is not artificial”, as she explained in her recent interview with Gala. “Regarding the freshness of the skin, it’s a waste of time, but if I’m not against small arrangements, I prefer an image which has its truth, its story, which is not artificial. And this woman is much prettier, I think.”

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