The video evidence raises in the Bundesliga, always new questions: What happens to a Yellow card for a goal celebration, in the course of the supposed victory of his Jersey scorer off if the gate is then withdrawn? Should not be taken, the warning for the Mainz striker Anthony Ujah after its perceived victory, when in fact, with 1:1 at the end of the game of FSV Mainz 05 against Hannover 96 then back?

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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The question of pole is, of course, the mixer of nature: the rule, the warning is met, since a player is not tolerated in any Situation with a bare torso in the square. But Ujahs team-mate Daniel Brosinski would then have a claim: “You would then have to set it to the video referee before, three times from the court,” he said in jest.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

Without the video assistant would have been Ujah finally, without a Yellow card, and Mainz 05 is a game in the eighth Minute of injury time would have opted for. Of course, wrongly so, As Ujah was actually a few inches Offside. Once the video wizard was so right that day. The thunderous cheering in the Mainz stadium turned into a good one Minute after the supposed victory in utter horror and final despair, the usefulness of the video evidence. “It may have resulted in this Situation more justice. But if all of this does to our Sport well, I don’t know,“ said Stefan Bell. The Mainz captain since the introduction of the video wizard of the clear view that you are used to living with bad decisions is better than it is today with the decisions made in Cologne, Germany.

Indeed, the meeting had to be interrupted shortly after half-time because in the 96-Hannover ignited smoke flares for six minutes delivered, another of this confusing Chapter in the strange misunderstanding of history between the League and actually in the services of the sports justice-operating Institution in the Cologne cellar.

It was a question of two decisions: In mid-term one, the Mainz were awarded in spite of consultation of the video wizard by referee Robert Hartmann no penalty, although the Offence of Kevin Wimmer was quite obvious: He deflected the Ball after a shot of the Mainzers Brosinski with a header to your Hand, allowing great scoring chances. In the 87. Minute, but there was a penalty, although the overthrow of Jean-Philippe Mateta appeared to view the television images, such as a clear swallow, even if the Mainz striker himself spoke of this view and a bump of his opponent’s Matthias Ostrzolek in full referred. But this Time no one had intervened from Cologne.

Experienced only 23.305 visitors to the Mainz stadium and, of course, a little better, the TV informed viewers of the resurrection of the concession decision in the spirit of the video evidence? Those good old tradition in football, according to the referee tried to him, in retrospect, to consciousness, come to correct decision-making by a later penalty, seemed to be actually excluded by the last instance of the video wizard.