The French foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian has called on the American President Donald Trump after the latter’s comments to the government-critical protests in France, the French internal policy of trying to keep out. “We do not take part in the American debates, let our life as a Nation live!”, Le Drian said in the direction of Trump in one of a plurality of channels transmitted television interview on Sunday.

Trump had previously justified via Twitter, the protests of the “yellow West” in France, among other things, with the contents of the Paris climate agreement by 2015, announces the United States now. “The Paris agreement is for Paris, not really,” wrote Trump on Saturday on Twitter. “Protests and unrest in the whole of France.”

The people did not want to pay large amounts of money to protect, “perhaps the environment.” Much of it is spent on “third world countries”, which would be questionable. The people would be “We want to chant Trump”. This Trump is probably referring to a Twitter-Video, which was recorded at a different time in the UK.

The protest movement of the “Yellow West” had been formed in view of planned tax increases on fuel in France. This project has stopped in the middle of government because of the week long protests in the meantime. The demands of the protesters today, however, much more from tax cuts over more buying power, until the resignation of the President, Emmanuel Macron.