Big brand in the USA – at The port of San Francisco is a huge FeuerIn San Francisco raged raged early Saturday morning a big fire. What was the reason for the fire is still unclear.Nils Hänggi0 KommentareAm Pier 45 at the port of San Francisco raged a large fire.Video: Tamedia

At the Pier 45 at the port of San Francisco, a large fire raged early Saturday morning. It broke out about four o’clock in the morning. Quickly the flames meters blazed high, a dense black smoke developed. The latter was on display throughout. What triggered exactly the fire is not yet known.

Jonathan Baxter, firefighter-Lieutenant of San Francisco, said at a press conference that the fire was limited to the Pier. You have quickly can prevent the flame spread.

“you saved the ship, literally,”

the buildings on The Pier, you have not can save. “They have been completely destroyed,” said Baxter. Fully the fire was not deleted, but still, the fire Lieutenant on. And: “More than 100 firefighters are used to fight the fire.”

the injured were not available. Also next to the Pier and docked US liberty ship, the SS Jeremiah O’brien, could be saved. “When the fire Department arrived, the people that blazed the flames literally about Jeremiah O’brien,” said Baxter. And: “The firefighters have saved the ship, literally.” He was very glad.

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