Each day is enough for its disturbance. While the month of October, exceptionally summery, was rather calm in France… Its successor, the month of November, is already showing itself to be more agitated.

This is evidenced by the forecasts of La Chaîne Météo for this Wednesday, November 16, 2022, which announce a risk of thunderstorms this morning, as well as sustained rains and a strong gale in the afternoon and evening.

“The Atlantic washing machine will wash out the northwest with a clear strengthening of the wind in the evening for your Wednesday. A gale will sweep the Channel coasts overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. But, a southeast third finds the sun, with always softness”, details the site specializing in meteorology.

The expected gusts of wind are therefore to be taken seriously… So much so that Météo France has placed around forty departments on yellow vigilance with violent winds from 3 p.m. Discover the list of departments concerned in our slideshow below.

The wind that is about to blow in France is not the only disruption expected for this Wednesday, November 16. Météo-France has also placed several other departments on alert for any other reasons as follows: