Many financial investors like the European countries, later opening and earlier closing. That would be the well-being and the health of the users and at the same time, the more efficient the markets, creating, according to the association of European financial investors AFME and the British, in turn, asset managers and Investment Association.

The associations, in a press release sent to the trading day, with up to 90 minutes to shorten it by one hour after opening and half-an-hour before closing. These organisations are there to say that already in talks with the European beursuitbaters. “At the moment, will pull the first handelsuur often have low liquidity, and thus, it is a better time to take action, while in the last hour, about 35 percent of the total daily trading volume picks up”, it could be that. A reduction of the stock would be in addition to the balance between work life and personal life of users will improve, and thus lead to more diversity on the trading floor, says the.

european stock markets are now on every day is 8.5 hours. That is the start of the market in Brussels, every day at 09: 00 am to closing at 17: 30. This will take the business much longer than in New York city, where there is only a 6.5-hour trading is possible. In Japan, the trading day was short, and the stock market during the day even while it is close to lunch time.

The manager of the Brussels stock exchange, Euronext, said in a response to open a discussion with the listed companies, market participants and asset managers. However, it is a complex matter and it sounds like it is. “It’s not just about the quality of the market and the quality of life, as well as the competitive position of Europe in terms of coverage of different time zones, the whole of the value chain, as part of the trade, and a number of other issues. That all deserve serious consideration, and this is where the rest of the financial ecosystem, are able to say it.”

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