Claire Chust: 3 things to know about the famous actress of Household Scenes


A rising figure in comedy. Claire Chust was born on October 18, 1992 in Seine-et-Marne in the Paris region. Unknown to the general public, a few years ago, the actress is one of the star stars of Scenes of households on M6, where she shares the poster with the actor Vinnie Dargaud.

Before making her debut on the small screen, Claire Chust found her calling during her youth. “In high school I became interested in dramaturgy when my French teacher took me to see La Cantatrice Chauve at the theater. At the time, I was quite reserved but I was passionate about literature and I wanted to write for the theater . When I played for the first time on stage, it was a revelation!”, explains the one who did a theater license for The Prescriber.

Between her studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle and the conservatory in Bourg-la-Reine, Claire Chust also attended the departmental theater school 91, “for three years where I learned the spirit of the troupe”. It was at this time that she passed a casting to play in the comedy Problemos, directed by Éric Judor, released in 2017. “I was lucky because the production agreed to recruit actors who were not necessarily known, which is rare in the cinema”.

Enriched by this experience, the actress was spotted by the production of Scenes of households which first offered her a small role. “Thanks to the producer Aude Thevenin who had seen me in Problemos, the production then offered me a role as a guest, I was playing a very funny bimbo!”. A simple character who will offer him a great opportunity. “I met the whole team and the directors. At the time, they were already starting to look for a new young couple at degree 0, that is to say at the start of their life together unlike other couples”. The start of a new adventure…

Since 2018, actress Claire Chust has become a cult character in Scenes from Households. In duet on screen with his partner Vinnie Dargaud, they form the new young couple of the flagship fiction on M6. After her debut in fiction, the actress seems to have gained confidence.

With Télé-Loisirs, the interpreter of Leslie returns to his first broadcasts on the air. “What is broadcast are sketches that we shot at the very beginning, in May. I see that I was shy. I am more comfortable now on the sets”, she explains in adding. “As for the pressure of 4 million viewers, it’s exhilarating”.

Thanks to the daily fiction of M6, Claire Chust has gradually established herself in the hearts of the public. A popularity of which she was able to testify at many festivals, such as that of La Rochelle. “People are very, very nice. They told me that at first it made them weird. It’s normal, like any new couple it destabilizes them but, little by little, they get used to it”, admits -she to our colleagues.

However, its notoriety can also lead to (unjustified) attacks from detractors. “I looked a little at social networks, which are not necessarily the most benevolent things that we can find”, confides the one who took a radical solution. “So I stopped. There was a pressure that set in that I didn’t have before. But now it’s better.” However, the French actress can count on the support of those close to her.

If the actress Claire Chust forms an amazing tandem on screen with Vinnie Dargaud, do you know that she shares the life of another comedian? Less discreet than her partner about her private life, the 30-year-old is in a relationship with actor Zouheïr Zerhouni.

Originally from Morocco, Claire Chust’s companion arrived in Paris at the age of 17 where he evolves between several fields. From communication to journalism including music, it is towards comedy that he turns as a voice actor for films and commercials, as his online biography indicates.

Among his appearances on television, Zouheïr Zerhouni has played in Guépardes (like his partner), Workinggirls and Section de Recherches. He is also one of Claire Chust’s sources of inspiration, as she confides in Le Prescriptor. On the private side, the couple seems more united than ever. “I am very very in love with my companion”, assured Claire Chust with Purepeople.

But, what does his partner think of his closeness to Vinnie Dargaud on screen in the series? “We know very well that this is fiction, that we are playing comedy. Zouheïr is not jealous”, she assures the website. On social networks, Claire Chust’s companion regularly shares photos of their couple, to the delight of their fans.