Cakes, Trump!, the company that was headed by Bart De Pauw, is also working on a new sketchprogramma for channel Four. “The influencers” are called that, and curiously, The Peacock, is one of the three directors.

Sketchprogramma in. One is the Stray animals , VTM, < / i> Against the stars, . The following year, it adds Four of his own program, with a series of short, humorous scenes are added to it. influences you will have a twin focus: the skits revolve around a single theme, that of people today, the influence we exercise in a certain target group. It’s the #foodies, #vloggers, #followme, and #instaTravellers, which forced people to have their channels show up. In the influences that will on a daily basis as the dragon, can be put in with those of you who are using social media to try to present it as such. And that’s why they are in the program is not successful, do not throw it to its own eternal instantroem. In their foolish attempts to get into the taste of fall, and the struggle to make a record of this, and the boundaries that they are trying to push, or the emptiness of their existence, will be the favorite in the other thread.

at the side of the influencers, not only for the monkey to put on, in some cases, they also have to have any compassion you can count. Its creators underline the fact that influences finally, it is also about the people, who, like so many others I want to make a difference, and hope to be taken in to consideration.

Back to the accusations against him.

Among those makers is, of course, is one name: Bart De Pauw,. Along with Ricky At ( Out of the area, Stray animals ) , and Kenneth Taylor, Four ) is The Anchor of one of the directors. The sketchprogramma, the Cakes, the Trump!-the project for which The Pauws name has been associated ever since he was discredited was because of the accusations of sexual misconduct. Thus, The Peacock is the beginning of 2018 and will be back as the manager of the Cakes, Trump!, so, the production company for a period of time, due to severe weather went off. There was even talk of losing one’s job, among other things, it had to do with the belgian, who is the co-operation with the Cake’s Trump card ! postponed. In the meantime, the public broadcaster’s co-operation is resumed, and also of Four, is now going to be working with the production company that has a great cast, and has been collected for influences . There are well-known names such as Rik Verheye, Joke Emmers, Tom Audenaert and Eva Binon, but less familiar friends like Hakim Chatar, Louise Bisscop, Stijn Steyaert, and Andrew Van Ostade.

When the influences precisely at Four, it will be sent out, still remains to be determined. It will be sometime in the year 2020.

More about Bart De Pauw for the Patient of Bo, It bears witness: “In the garden, he began to me to suddenly be everywhere, to touch him and to kiss” in the “Home” -actress, Leen Dendievel on Bart De Pauw: I will, however, have a lot of poop all over me, but I don’t see the problem,” Why, Bart De Pauw, per se, in the secret budget of the belgian wants to browse, Bart and The Others will not have access to complaints about alleged misconduct