While June is about to experience an early heat wave, the summer of 2022 will be marked by drought. While the high season has not yet started, around thirty departments are already subject to water restriction measures. These can take several forms:

If you live in one of the departments at risk, or simply want to take care of your garden while saving water… You can treat yourself to ollas, or oyas, terracotta irrigation pots that allow to water your plants at the root, little by little, without drowning them. Just bury the container at the foot of your planting while leaving the collar on the surface.

You can then fill your olla with water and let it gently feed your plants. This allows targeted watering, very practical in case of drought, because your plants only come to get the water they need.

If you are the do-it-yourself type, you can get terracotta pots that you wash well with clean water. To make an olla, take two pots and plug the bottom of one of them with mortar, for example. Seal the two jars together… And voila! All you have to do is bury your oyas and fill them with water from time to time. Easy, right?