at Club Brugge and left Wednesday evening on the pitch of the PSG the opportunity to get an unexpected point, to get to the Champions League final. A quarter of an hour for the time it took for the fall Mbaye Diagne with a 1-0 gap with a penalty of a fixed strafschopnemer Hans Vanaken, in order to get the ball and then poorly in the hands of Keylor Navas to the stairs. That they can find in the blue-and-black-and least of all could laugh at it was obvious. “Here, have a bit of to be talked about.”

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the Paris Saint-Germain, End of the 1 – 0 Club Brugge and Report Layouts, and The look on Hans Vanaken told the story when he was in the locker room surfaced. From the blue dot, missing blue and black, with a golden opportunity to make a point to get out of Paris, france. Because of their hard strafschopnemer the ball ontfutseld it was due to the fall Mbaye Diagne.

Zip: “No, we will not let you commit”

as For Club Brugge, they were – understandably – in a state. Mats Rits, in front of the cameras of a. Q2: “How could it happen that Vanaken, that the ball is not kicked? We will internally discuss it. It is true that the coach was angry, but we need to go into the locker room one day. The 5% that we’re missing, and that was the one goal. That penalty was just in there.”

the Zip and Vanaken, and He is one of those players who Diagne changed his mind and tried to release it. Had a Vanaken, moreover, are no more teeth to show off? With the brutal Faculty of Is maybe different though). “No, we are not allow to commit”, is a Zipper. “Some of the players have said that it was up to Hans that was it. With, Is it? This is why I have nothing to say about it. He decided to set up that penalty kick. There’s also a ten-minute argument about anything, such as in Antwerp, with Mbokani, and Refaelov came to pass. That’s what we want too. Do you know what the most frustrating has to be? We’ve been in the game, it was felt that there was something in it. Even in the first half. We put on a good push forward, and were active in the club. We will have a good game was played. Only we can purchase, there is not as much as before. You can only hope that you get what you deserve.”

Mechele: “There needs to be a word to talk about it”

the Same sound, with Brandon Mechele. “Here, you need to have a word to talk about it, but we will work on that in the dressing room, do it. It is clear that this can be a very expensive mistake was made, we had a good thing to do. It’s a shame, yes, very, very bad. We had been here for at least a point to deal with, and maybe even three of them. In the second half, we will have more on half-stood, then the other way around.”

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“and The disappointment that prevails currently, because we have to be very nearby,” said the city coach after the game and in the Prinsenpark. “If you go to the matches in this group stage looks, we would have had more points, especially in the first half. However, I am very proud of the performance of my players. It’s not easy at all to find a way to make it FOLLOWING pain. My players will have to plan for a nearly perfect run, and only in the end we left it up to par. For a team with such great players on my team have a good level of delivery.”

It’s a strong game for the Club was overshadowed by the strafschopfase with a substitute player Mbaye Diagne, who is with the team credentials and stay up losing to Hans Vanaken, who was the hard-strafschopnemer, and rarely miss. Diagne stepped on, then dim, Keylor Navas picked up as klemvast. “Of course, I’m very angry”, well-known of Philippe Clément. “I did my own thing to say in the locker room, and it’s my job to make that case in the coming days, weeks, and months. Why Diagne do? Because he wants to score, probably, but that’s the wrong response. And it’s a very, very, very expensive bill for dinner.”

“that was the deciding factor, but it’s about time for just a few seconds. I sincerely hope that everyone is not only talking about that one incident, but it’s also about the way we play football and have. I’ve got a lot of positive things tonight, but one negative point is that it makes a huge difference.”

Mignolet: “we Have to toneeltje step up?”

a storm of indignation and tried and tried, Simon Mignolet keeps his head cool. He was very pleased to see that his team has no scene to be made up for the penalty. “Someone had to respond to that? I have to laugh at it.”

for The experienced, Mignolet will make you a powerful reaction to elicit. After the incident, the incident continued to be the net a peaceful. “I don’t understand is that this is now a topic of discussion turned to the number one, but in such cases, we are not wide-spreading out in the media. Here, we can right now to talk about the saying,” bite on his lips. “You know, We have now to settle, on the way back. Tomorrow at work we put our heads together, and the coach is about to speak. Let all the first thing to calm down.” That is, no one on the field, Diagne is on duty, be found Mignolet is a cheap accusation. “What are we supposed to do? A toneeltje step up and fight on the field? It’s very easy to talk to. I do remember that stage in Antwerp, where one is in a hurry and went to fight for the ball. Macho behaviour. In retrospect, it was also widely discussed in the media. But to say that someone had to stand up and Mbaye to intervene, I think, a little unfair. I have a bit of a laugh about it.”

As the Red Devil’s much better talking about it, was the good performance of his team against a European power. Again. “We were close to the equivalent of the FOLLOWING. I don’t think that will be a Belgian team, it’s already on the mat you have put up against an opponent of such caliber. In a work after it, then,” decided the champions league.

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Photo: Photo in the News < / P> of the FOLLOWING: “as a team, you can’t win without you”

the PSG coach Thomas Tuchel said post match that his players are apart of. “In the beginning it was difficult,” stated Tuchel. “We have a lot of losing years ago. After that, we were able to dominate, but in the end, there were a few flaws in the team. Club Brugge plays for the entire season strong. You can’t win against a team without a trainer. However, we have a winner and a goal scorer to be on the receiving end.”

After the first goal, they did the FOLLOWING things to the edge to keep up. “We were maybe a little worried for our start to lose it, and that’s where we have to be played, and I have to admit,” said Tuchel. That is the game of FOLLOWING what is on the weak side, the trainer will not say to you. “I think we’re spoiled to have been due to the high scores. It’s not because we’re winning 1-0, that is, we are weaker in this regard.”

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