The need for strong mechanics and service technicians functioning within the klimatisatiesector. “However, the inflow from the jobmarkt I’m afraid we can’t say the same thing”, experience, Martijn is a sight to behold, the HR Manager from Hasco Investment. In order to change this, combining six SUB-companies, with the strength of a campaign that is Fresh in the Prince’s baptism. “In search of the right talent, it is important to make it to the top, to stand out as a career path, tailor-made. And in order to make the perfect match with the culture of the company,” says a sight to behold.

now that Our world is heating up. So to win it is a perfect climate, every day is important. Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC technical) have to also be clever and environmentally friendly done. “As an engineer, or servicetechnieker with the right skills for the role will have you the best of the best guarantees for a wonderful and exciting future in this flourishing sector,” says Martijn is a sight to behold. “However, we regret to say that there is still a lack of targeted MONITORING programmes in the current programme of study So, every year, only a handful of people found their way to a training course in industrial refrigeration systems. In september of 2018 and beyond, there were in Sint-Truiden, belgium in a grand total of 3. Well, as the figures are, of course, have their influence on the flow.”

And so Hasco Invest, and that investments in a host of SUB-companies, takes the initiative. “With the campaign, we are not only interested in profiles that interest in a career in the industry, we would like the government to stimulate the sense to put it on a specific SUB-programmes,” says Kristin is a sight to behold. “The opportunities are there. Just think of the T2 campus in Genk, belgium, where learning paths are a perfect place would be the same.”

“With the Fresh Prince as a symbolic image of our campaign, we will show you that you have a technical profile and a ‘royale’ treatment to get it if you’re doing the same thing for our customers,” explains the HR manager. “A tailor-made training programme, working with the latest technologies, and numerous technical training courses in our own training-We invest in be aware of extra in the good news.”