Two motions of censure were tabled last week, after the “forced passage” of the government’s budget bill, via the activation by the Prime Minister of Article 49.3.

They come from two parliamentary groups that, however, everything opposes: the Nupes, and the National Rally (RN).

For the first, it is a question of denouncing the “contempt” of the executive and castigating a budget project “irresponsible on the climate plan”, declared Cyrielle Chatelain, president of the environmental group.

For the RN, the use of 49.3 is a “denial of democracy” which “erased with a stroke of the pen about fifty amendments, yet voted”, decried Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who co-signed the motion .

Monday, October 24, the deputies had to consider these two motions, and vote, after a debate of several hours. A vote that is above all symbolic.

“Only votes for motions are counted. They have a priori no chance of obtaining the absolute majority of 289 votes, necessary to bring down the government”, specifies the Parisian.

“This motion of censure is first and foremost to have a vote. Otherwise, there would be no vote on the budget, which is supposed to identify the priorities of the country”, also explains Cyrielle Chatelain in the columns of the newspaper.

However, these motions will probably not be the last… Because the 49.3 are likely to succeed in the coming weeks, for lack of an absolute presidential majority in the hemicycle.

“The presidential camp is trying to trivialize the use of this article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution which could be drawn a dozen times to pass the state budget and that of the Secu by Christmas”, comments further the daily.

Regarding the actuation of 49.3 for the adoption of the Social Security budget, second in date for the time being, the Nupes has already tabled a second motion of censure, which could be discussed in the wake of this first debate.

In short, autumn is coming… stormy on the benches of the National Assembly.