Retirement: 9 unusual ways to announce it to your colleagues


Retirement can have very different meanings depending on context and personalities. It can be perceived as a social victory, the advent of a well-deserved rest. But the future retiree can also find himself in the situation where he is forced to leave, and where he fears the end of his professional activity.

In any case, it is a not insignificant step to cross for everyone, if it is not THE key moment of a life. It is therefore appropriate to mark the occasion, and to make his departure a memorable moment. For the colleagues of the future retiree, it also marks the dawn of changes, potential new arrivals, or an increased workload. This is especially the time to say goodbye to his or her colleague, longtime for some.

This is why the announcement of his retirement is an important step. Even if it is normal that at least some collaborators know in advance, the announcement formalizes the departure, and informs those who would have let slip the information. In addition, the announcement of a retirement normally also corresponds to the organization of the departure party associated with it…

The timing of said announcement is therefore not negligible. A first announcement is ideally made one month in advance. If your superiors are in charge of the internal reorganization following your departure, your clients, if you have any, should be informed as well. Finally, the one-month deadline will allow your colleagues to organize themselves to be available on the day of the leaving drink.

In order to mark the spirits by tinting your departure with a touch of humor, Planet has gathered for you the best ways to announce it in an original way.