Many retail shops and ATM to get even on Friday, no fresh cash. The services Union Verdi has called in Federal States such as Bavaria, Berlin and Brandenburg, once again, to strike the money – and the value of the industry. Whether also in other Federal States will continue to strike, not until the editorial deadline of this issue. One way or the other, the strike will end on Saturday.

Franz Nestler

editor in the economy.

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The impact in the period remained manageable. Individual ATMs were out of service or no longer offered to certain denominations. In the retail sector, there was little impact, it was said by the trade Association of Germany. The shops have stocked up with sufficient change. If the Strikes should extensively be extended in the next week, it could come to bottlenecks, it said. Background the demand by Verdi, to increase the hourly wage to 1,50 Euro for a period of two years, as well as the alignment of salaries in the new länder. The employer and hold the receivables for non-feasible. The negotiations will be continued on Friday.

The industry already has a large structural difficulty: the decrease in Cash transactions. The result shows in the Netherlands, where customers pay in stores more and more frequently by card and the largest provider in the country, Securcash, meanwhile, has filed for bankruptcy. The company is a subsidiary of the American ATM manufacturer and service provider, Wincor Nixdorf, in which the German Wincor Nixdorf is risen. Wincor Nixdorf had bought in the year 2015, the competitors of Brink’s Netherlands, and with its own subsidiary company Securcash in Rotterdam merged.