Sheila: her little-known photos in the 1970s


Sheila had met with success thanks to many French hits including Tu es le soleil, Vous les amis or Le Folklore Américain. The one who has sold no less than 85 million records since her debut released her 27th album, “Venue d’ailleurs” in February 2021.

An autobiographical disc in which the star confides in an open heart. “This record came from my heart, from my emotions, from the desire to take a look at my journey, me who, however, only looks to tomorrow. This life is mine, of course, but I am part of family for a long time, so it belongs a bit to everyone”, she had confided to our colleagues from Pleine vie and to add: “And then the songs are crossed by my truth and my experience, and certain themes are echo to all, I think. For example, in this autobiographical dimension, it was important to deal with the subject of the rumor, so current and frightening, with the amplification by the social networks”, she had explained.

In this album, the star had dedicated his title Cheval d’Amble to his son Ludovic, who died on July 8, 2017. “I would like to be left alone, that’s why I made this song. My son is gone, it will be four years in July. What bothers me is that in reality, it’s not for him that we talk about it, it’s in relation to me and the stories more or less nauseating. He doesn’t deserve this,” she told PureCharts.

On the occasion of Sheila’s birthday, Planet invites you to discover her sublime photos taken in the 1970s.