Not to share your real phone number during registration on various sites becomes a rule. Sometimes people want to stay incognito and not to share their real name, number etc. Using fake numbers for registration is very helpful in such situations.

Businesses also benefit from virtual phone directory companies. Since businesses need to monitor, analyze and interact with the audience on the Web a lot, they have to create multiple accounts on various platforms.

To verify an account you need to be registered on the online SMS receiver site and if it is a paid service, refill your balance. Choose the country, platform and buy the number. Start registration of the desired account on the chosen platform.

When the platform asks your phone directory, copy it from the virtual SMS receiver accommodation into the platform’s corresponding field. The platform will send you an SMS containing your authentication code. Copy and paste it.

Verify Your Accounts: 6 Top Services

The next points should be considered in order to choose a reliable service:

  • protection level;
  • availability of directories;
  • variety of countries;
  • response time;
  • price policy.

This article offers you to get acquainted with 6 top online accommodations for authentication texts receiving.


This company offers messages for $0.005 each. There are monthly fees. It has global coverage and free trials.


OnlineSIM has loyal tariffs and offers free trials. You can pay for one-time usage or rent a number. The prices start from $0.02 for a web-site. If you rent a number for a day (it costs $1.67), you can use it without a limit. Over 10000 online numbs form more than 30 lands are on its disposal. The messages come in promptly, usually without delays. This company cares about your safety.

Wholesale SMS

Wholesale SMS will offer you next prices: $1.50 for more than 2000K SMS, $0.95 for 10K+ messages and $0.75 for 100K+ messages. This service has global coverage. It also gives 25 online messages for free as a trial.


As the other top services, this one has global coverage. The average price is $0,0075 per SMS. You can try it for free.


The prices at ClickSend are cheaper than at Wholesale SMS, but more expensive than at OnlineSIM. You will pay $0.0350 for 2000K+ texts, $0.0170 for 10K+ SMS and $0.0125 for 100K+ messages.


You should contact them for small volumes. Less than 2000K texts will be $0.0075, 10K+ messages will cost $0.0075 and 100K+ SMS will be $0.0020. The coverage is global.

Receive SMS online now with any of these services.