It is the “survivor” of Koh-Lanta, The Sacred Fire. After 34 days of survival, Tania managed to rise among the five adventurers still in competition, in the last episode broadcast this Tuesday, May 23 on TF1. However, the youngest did not expect to live such an atypical adventure.

“No one can expect this course, it’s unheard of in Koh-Lanta”, admits the 22-year-old sports coach and nutritionist to Planet. A member of the yellow team (Panimam) before the tribes reformed on day 10, the ex-member of the red clan (Tinago) was eliminated two days later. While her accomplice in the Benjamin adventure forfeited, Tania returned to her original group.

Member of the reunified tribe, the candidate from Seine-Saint-Denis shone with Frédéric during the linked destinies by winning the immunity test. After being ousted during a surprise board meeting, Tania managed to win against Esteban during a final epic duel, allowing her to rejoin the game. “I experienced my return to the adventure very well, I was relieved”, admits the young Serbian-Montenegrin “happy to still be among the last adventurers”.

The one who applied six times to live her “little girl’s dream” nevertheless endured everything on the camp. Between the lack of hygiene and the humidity, its integration was not obvious among the candidates. To date, Tania has won a sad record: that of having collected around thirty votes against her during the councils led by Denis Broginart.

However, Tania has not said her last word. While the young adventurer was in danger from Laura, she surprised viewers by not playing her immunity necklace, preferring to trust her intuition. “Thank God it’s over for me,” smiles the one who came close to elimination with one voice. “I am a little more serene for the rest”.

An incredible masterstroke that allows Tania to take a big step towards the final. Apart from an unexpected turn of events, she would be the first to qualify for the orientation test. “We can deduce that, after in Koh-Lanta, there are a lot of twists”, she assures us, leaving some doubt.

Before finding out if she will participate in the orientation test, the STAPS student reveals her secret weapon. “I did orienteering. I was taken for the French championships, so I know how to orient myself very well”, admits the one who nevertheless declared, in the previous episode, that “the sun was rising in the south” to look for his immunity collar. “It’s very difficult to think with the stress and the lack of food”, she reacts with humor.

Thus, Tania calmly hopes to move forward in the adventure by protecting her secret. “Compared to orienteering, I was quite calm knowing that I practiced it. But I had not told anyone. Not even my allies”, confides the adventurer who escaped the elimination against Laura, considered stronger than her opponents. “My strategy was to say nothing about it to allow me to access it”. Will his efforts pay off? Will Tania join forces with Julie (as the trailer for the next episode implies) to take down Frederic, Nicolas, or Quentin? To be continued…