Tielt –

The exhibition “The Queen of Fucking Everything” of the art photographer, Sylvia Konior, and in particular the bill, will lead to fierce controversy, in Tielt. The image is that of Konior, when at prayer, the virgin and some shit on it’s head, it was removed.

now, Though, the exhibition is a little less than two weeks to run in the cultural center Gildhof, Sylvia Konior, from Doomkerke is still not recovered from the experience. “The line-up for the image to be in dialogue with the curator was chosen, and was to be completely finished, but it was the city with the statue of the praying madonna with shit on it’s head in the press. Apparently, they found them to be offensive.”

finally, reluctantly, agreed to use it in a different frame to choose from. “All of the communications went through the official receiver, who is the image of you in vain, continued to defend, however, the authorized ships I’ve never heard of,” says an aggrieved Konior. They are afraid of the opening is not more to the story to come out of the fear that the exhibition would be cancelled.

“I think this is pure censorship. Which can be a part of the arts and culture to present itself and now have your very own self-portrait?” That is, it is the intention of the exhibit: Sylvia Konior has exhibited photographs that she had an extra. Often with self-deprecating humor and bright wit. Also, the offending picture. “Because I’m always here for anyone to really want to do it, I have too much on my head, shit. However, at this time, no.”

Konior find it remarkable that a picture of them with their backs to pose to the surrounding area for the line-up. “The offending picture is still hanging from the other works, but for now, visitors can no longer decide for themselves what they think about that.”

“Controversy avoiding”

the Ships of the Culture, Sister, Goossens (Everyone in Tielt, says the city council to be on the safe side have taken to the controversy are to be avoided. “We didn’t want to see the people in the picture are wrong would be to interpret and take offense to it. With a poster, if you want visitors to engage, no one put off by them.” In accordance with the ships, there is no question of censorship. “Because otherwise we would have had the pictures from the exhibition site.”

The free exhibition in The the Queen of Fucking Everything’ until Sunday, the 17th of november, daily from 14 h to 17 h on display at the cultural centre Gildhof. On Sunday, Sylvia Konior, there is usually.