No time to waste ! If it is no longer really a question of stepping over the legislative elections, the first round of which took place this Sunday, June 12, 2022, it seems high time for the executive to think about the future. The President of the Republic, who sees his chances of benefiting from an absolute majority crumble as the candidates of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) do not progress, as BFMTV explains, is already planning some of his reforms. He intends, informs Le Figaro, to push a certain number of transformations during the summer.

First subject, underline our colleagues: the pension reform. It is a strong “political marker” for Emmanuel Macron, had the opportunity to point out the economist Philippe Crevel, in our columns. Moreover, as he has made known on many occasions, the Head of State intends to go quickly. There is no question of waiting too long: it is a question of starting to push back the legal retirement age from the summer of 2023. This implies starting to work on the subject very shortly. “As of this summer, we must be able to initiate some large-scale projects”, he thus declared, not without mentioning “the retirement project” or the “major ecological planning projects”.

The pension reform, which therefore consists of raising the retirement age to 65, must be carried out “in a fair, progressive and concerted manner” according to Emmanuel Macron. That being said, major unions have already They have already made it known that they refuse any consultation before the end of the season.This is the case, in particular, of the CFDT.This is one of the formations the least hostile to the president, historically.

“I think we can start this in September, in October”, has since indicated Olivier Dussopt, the minister in charge of the file.

Two other projects are very important to the Head of State. These are ecological planning, a concept borrowed from the rebellious program after the strong score of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and the reform of the employee dividend. The latter, he said, will be included in a more comprehensive law relating to purchasing power.

Such a transformation, continues Le Figaro, aims to make possible a better distribution of the company’s profits. But this is not the only measure designed to improve the income of working people: we must also mention the tripling of the Macron bonus and the tariff shield, among others.

Finally, the “major ecological planning projects” wanted by the President of the Republic should theoretically enable France to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. They are based on various sources of energy deemed cleaner: nuclear as well as renewable . Emmanuel Macron is also counting on “energy sobriety”.

If the president multiplies the reform projects, it remains difficult to affirm that it will be possible for him to carry out what he intends to achieve. And for good reason: Emmanuel Macron risks having a lot of trouble winning the absolute majority in the National Assembly that he should need to benefit from the best possible room for maneuver.

In addition, note Europe 1 on its site, the country could prove to be all the more complicated to govern as it will have a stronger parliament or alliances of circumstances will play an important role.