Art under the open sky – lightning holidays, almost to the corner when the nights are longer, we want to Outdoor art. But there are more reasons to visit the well-hinreissendste sculpture show of the year.Paulina Szczesniak0 comment green it’s not: Martin Black “paint” with moss.Photo: Maja von Meiss

I have Nothing against museums. But if the nights are now longer and more secluded, and has spent the last few weeks, Corona, due to already too much time indoors, then an art exhibition under the open sky and in the midst of juicy meadows just right. Such that have been around for years, but has always acted as a secret tip, is that in the picturesque Weiertal in Winterthur, where the heart and soul of the gallery, Maja von Meiss, every summer, opens its garden for sculptures, In installations and Performances. This year, the exhibition asks in a title, whether “Everything is in the green area?”, and the artistic responses to fall out once more wonderfully diverse. You still need more reasons why a visit to is worth it? Pretty please:

1. The arrival

the journey is The destination. And on this, it takes a train to Winti, then a second to Wülflingen and marched finally to foot nearly half an hour. Clearly, it is also with the car, but then not retaining that exciting feeling you used to know, of the school travel,…

2. The place

A hectare, so a 10’000 square meters, includes the private property of Maja and Rick Meiss. As the two of them at the beginning of the eighties, the former farm house referred to, was surrounded by nothing but field. Rick has everything that is in bloom now, and in the shade, planted themselves; that alone is so great that you forget the art of almost. And Maya is likely the only gallery owner (in the Zurich area? in Europe? the world?) be the need to mow your Showroom on a regular basis.

3. The relaxed art

Here is not only who takes so incredibly important. Finally, you have to be able to live with that once in a while a bird poops on the work of art. 27 artists and 10 artists of this year, which specially for the Weiertal developed Work times poetic, at times kalauerig, at times so subtle, that they are discovered only by those who look closely. The mixture makes it.

As weeks and weeks of backbreaking work in The wire case of the sculpture “river of life” has bent Ulla tube of Hand in the Form.Photo: Maja of Meiss4. The spirit of Superstars

Among those now living here as a temporary land eggs have tried to find some of the Superstars: Roman Signer presented a Pair of giant rubber boots of the pond, Pipilotti Rist, projected a real birth, the wall of the fruit cellar, the one kneeling and through a small window, youth watch, and Thomas Hirschhorn gave a apart cut and with a lot of duct tape (what else?) patched together Pick-up. This year, Manon is, with very subtle interventions. Who finds you?

5. The anecdotes

Here to break even, to see the art. No joke: in 2017, a culturally was apparently starved couple in the evening, stand in front of a closed gate and climbed a short hand-over-Hag. This, however, was of art themselves: one of the Zurich twin brothers huber.huber made of pure Gold, crafted Kuhdraht, the, as, of course, under power. The invaders were only gefitzt and then of the lady of the house, in addition to shipped. Their heart for art-savvy may be gross outside of the opening Hours it is no Fun!

don’t you Count the legs of the deer… Pretty irritation the moment of Michael von Brentano.Photo: Maja of Meiss6. More art in the near

Because Winterthur is also otherwise full of art is. Are you going for a whole day, to see you in the photo Foundation is the absolute discovery of Evelyn Hofer (the new Vivian Maier, is rumored to be one!) or the mischievous Biedermeier master Carl Spitzweg. Both exhibitions were extended Corona has something Good … And then, just off to the Green.

7. The Goodies

The cake in the Weiertal Bistro is homemade and sooo good! Our favorite: the poppy seed cake. And for the dinner at home you take with you a bottle of wine. Maya and Rick are also winemakers. But that’s another story and shall be told another time.

With clay from the nearby stream bed, to pass to The “tree soul” by Brigitte Baserga.Photo: Maja von Meiss

cultural place Weiertal
Winterthur, Rumstalstr.
Open from Thursday 28.5. Up to 13.9.
opening Hours: Do–Sa 14-18 Uhr, So (and whit Monday), 11-17
guided tours, Performances, readings, etc. see Website
entrance fee 10 francs; for children, teenagers
people with Handicap free

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