Westouter / Centre –

The emergency services were Saturday, for 19 hours, pull up to the Poperingestraat in the Can district of Westouter of an accident between two cars at the level of the crossing of the Sint-Pieters.

There was a motor vehicle collision occurred between a white BMW with a French license plate, and a Seat, which is in the field again. In the Seat there was a family from the Centre: the parents of K. D., (43) and C. Q. (39), and their sons, 14 and 9 years old. The fire department had to bring them out of the wreckage herself.

The victims were being cared for were transported to the hospital. The mother is injured, but it is no longer in danger of death.

Photo: Thijs, Pattyn

the French and the BMW, no one was found, and the driver was after the accident and passed away. Perhaps it’s going to be a person of Godewaarsvelde, a French church, which is adjacent to the Centre.

The Poperingestraat kept for a while closed to traffic as the fire brigade, the road is washed away, and the police have all the necessary checks done.

Photo: Thijs, Pattyn