It a long time ago, that Doctors had to wear during a diphtheria epidemic daily dead children from the hospital. Since the introduction of the vaccination in the sixties, the number of diseases is declined. Many infectious diseases could be pushed into this century, thanks to effective vaccinations. In addition to diphtheria, the polio virus caused polio, and especially smallpox. Since 1980, the world shall be free of smallpox.

The goal is also to eradicate Polio, have dedicated themselves to the Rotarians. To close the last major gaps in the world’s population, the areas of it, especially in a crisis and very poor countries, however, is particularly expensive.

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it is all The more shameful is it that the eradication of measles and rubella fails to Here in the industrial Nations. It was planned by the world health organisation, the diseases are eradicated by 2010. Since then, there has been also in Germany to outbreaks. Although always be re-Infected long-term health damage, suffering, or even dying, have lost the diseases of their terrors, no longer is the Use of vaccination as present as in the sixties.

this is also a widespread skepticism against vaccinations, combined with fear of side effects. This is particularly true for the relatively new vaccine against Human papilloma virus, the warts only genital, but also against some types of cancer. Because of the negative media coverage reports, was broke, had established a number of initiatives to promote you more. A report by “Report Mainz” in the past week, in which it was criticized that severe side effects of vaccination were concealed, will unsettle parents. With a vaccination you want to protect your children and do not compromise.