The professor is back. This October 17, JoeyStarr returns to The Replacement with two new episodes on TF1. The singer and actor plays Nicolas Valeyre, a temporary French teacher at a high school renowned for his strong temper and unconventional educational methods.

A colorful character who seduced more than 6 million viewers during its first broadcast in March 2021. In one of the episodes to discover this Monday, October 17, the public finds JoeyStarr with Barbara Schulz in the role of Agnès Letourneur , the principal and companion of the French teacher. Following an accident in their high school, students and teachers must temporarily relocate to an establishment of excellence whose headmaster Stéphane Lacroix, played by Thierry Neuvic, is none other than Agnès’ ex-husband.

What predict a certain tension between the two men, both professionally and personally. “Cockfights are often ridiculous, but fun to play. With Didier (Morville, aka JoeyStarr, editor’s note), it made us smile”, confides Thierry Neuvic in the pages of Télé 7 Jours. Beyond their love triangle in the series, the three actors have shared the lives of other stars throughout their careers.

Singer JoeyStarr has lived in public notorious relationships with several women. After his six-year romance with actress Béatrice Dalle, the famous artist had two children, Matisse and Khalil, with director Leïla DIximier. Their story, which began in 2005, ends three years later. The actor and rapper was in a relationship with Maïwenn from 2008 to 2012, before briefly dating host Karine Le Marchand in 2018.

Remained discreet about his private life until now, JoeyStarr seems to have found love again since he introduced his fans to Jade Kohler. In an ephemeral story relayed on October 13 on Instagram, he shared a photo where we see the actor kissing the young woman on the forehead and announcing. “She said yes !!!”. A wedding to come for the founding member of NTM who is about to marry the young woman from Narbonne.

Born in 1986, Jade Kohler presents herself on Instagram as a singer-songwriter, but also a writer, director and actress. A multifaceted artist who notably produced a song for the soundtrack of the film I love what you do with Gérard Lanvin and Artus. She will also release her single Last Cigarette on November 1, 2022, with a music video shot last May, where she shares the bill with her fiancé JoeyStarr.

Between Barbara Schulz and JoeyStarr, it’s a real story of friendship. “I discovered a delicious being and a respectful partner who knows his text,” she says in the columns of Télé Star. While the two characters seem to have a mutual attraction in The Replacement, the famous actress has also found her other half in life.

After being married to publicist Romain Hatchuel with whom she had two children, Minnie and Jérémy, actress Barbara Schulz formalized her relationship with actor Arié Elmaleh in 2015. In the pages of Gala, the famous actress explained that they did not live under the same roof. “We do not live together, we happen to be together in life, but we are for separate apartments. It is not possible otherwise”.

This did not prevent the couple from giving the reply in January 2022 in the TV movie Drame en haute mer on France 2. “It’s nice and pleasant because there is not this barrier of modesty and embarrassment. It’s even very nice because we give each other little tips and we support each other. We know that we will not be judged and that we will be entitled to a benevolent look, “says -she to our colleagues from Télé Star. “We are also well versed in this exercise, because we have worked together several times. In particular, we played at the theater for eight months a couple tearing themselves apart in La Perruche”.

More discreet about his private life, Thierry Neuvica was in a relationship with two famous artists. In 2006, he would have shared the life of actress Hélène Fillières who played with him in the series Mafiosa according to our colleagues at Gala. After five years of romance, the couple put an end to their relationship. Despite their separation, his ex-girlfriend and partner in the film Les papas du dimanche will assure that it was “a pleasure to play with him” with TV Magazine.

Later, Thierry Neuvic will form a media couple with the singer Jenifer. Between the actor and the first winner of Star Academy, love at first sight took place on the set of the film Les Francis. “I met the man of my life there! (…) It’s not a simple meeting, it’s love, the real one, the only one! We were terribly embarrassed for the first scene of love…”, she confided to Current Woman. “And then, it’s crazy. We never left each other. Everything was so obvious”. From their union, the couple welcomes their son Joseph, born in 2014. But, they separate two years later. Since then, the French actor has kept his private life secret.