If there are still opponents, with friends like Courteney Cox? The “Friends” actress responded to brief and to the point when a co-worker, together with its subsidiaries verkleedde as the star of the popular sitcom from the late ‘90’s.

the Actress is Sara Foster, best known for the remake of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, verkleedde for Halloween as Monica Geller, the character from the Cox of “Friends”, while her daughter, Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) and Phoebe Buffay (role played by Lisa Kudrow) uitbeeldden.

the Search took on the outfit of the two girls from the Foster’s have been successful, but for those of Foster, was less understanding. Maybe because of her character of Monica in the series, was never in the coffee shop, Central Perk, has been working, as opposed to, for instance, was Rachel.

“You are… Who you are in god’s name like?”, was it on Instagram. When Foster, then grappend responded with the message, “You too. You’ve obviously never been to a “Friends” looked at”, responded to Cox with a deadly comeback, “well, You were never,” and an emoji of a service of Monica’s appeal in the ‘Friends’.

Photo: Instagram by way of comparison: Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox in ‘Friends’. Image: NBC < / p>

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“The one where the mom forces the kids to dress up as the cast of friends with her for Halloween”. @amazon is Costume-made-by-me-with-amazon boxes ??????? #ad #boxtumes.

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