Star host Paul Arcand said he was “very, very happy” to be back after this “unwanted break” of two months.

Before starting his morning show, Paul Arcand explained that he had a “blistering infection in the blood”, which required “treatment with antibiotics for several weeks”.

“The good news is that everything is under control,” he continued, “but it wasn’t possible for me to come to work. »

“With this treatment, intravenously, every six hours, it was a little complex to manage,” he detailed, specifying that he was not used to “talking about his personal life.” .

He took the opportunity to thank everyone who wrote to him, who sent him messages of encouragement, as well as all the CHUM teams.

“They are dedicated, dedicated, not just with a patient like me, I have seen them with others. Their open-mindedness, their kindness, with people who are not well, who are in distress, I think it is important to emphasize that. There are still plenty of problems, emergency rooms are overflowing, surgery waiting lists are long, but there are still people who are dedicated, who do this job with enthusiasm. »

The king of the airwaves said he anticipated this return with nervousness, given this prolonged absence, far from the studio. “We definitely feel a little rusty,” he said, before moving on to the hot topics of the day.

Paul Arcand, who is 63, will continue to host the 98.5 FM morning show until the end of spring. Our colleague Patrick Lagacé will replace him in the fall.