The united states federal luchtvaartagentschap (FAA) accused prime contractor Boeing, it must have held in reserve, from which it appears that the employees of the company from the very beginning of the process to be aware of the problems with the Boeing 737 MAX. These devices are all to march around the world to the ground, after two accidents, 346 people lost their lives.

the FAA has let us know that Boeing on Thursday, the department of Transportation was notified of the existence of the private messages between two members of Boeing’s communications with the FAA. Boeing, however, would have been aware that these messages exist.

From the posts it appears that Boeing was aware that there were major problems with the MCAS system, which will ensure that the equipment is difficult to monitor. This system is in accordance with safety inspectors are responsible for the pushing down on the top of the snout of the airplane, with airplane crashes in Indonesia, and Ethiopia, and as a result.

The workers are speaking in the message, among others, is a blatant issue, and one of them said that he or she is not told a lie to the regulators.

The FAA takes the contents of the documents of concern, and is disappointed that Boeing, the agency has not previously notified of the existence of the documents. “The FAA considers the information contained in the documents in order to determine what actions should be taken” at Boeing, according to the regulator, still. The agency has sent a letter to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg to be more of an explanation is requested.

Share of blows,

Boeing is late with a response, knowing that it was up to Congress, a document was sent with the statement of a former Boeing employee, and it also states that it will continue to cooperate with the authorities, according to the newspaper, The Washington post .

The share of Boeing, will immediately collapse once the news of bekendraakte: lost at 18 o’clock (Belgian time) to 3.75 per cent. Investors fear that the tensions between Boeing and the FAA, the Boeing 737 MAX, and even longer on the ground and will keep it.

the FAA has been a lot of criticism in relation to the 737 MAX’s collapse. Thus, luchtvaartinspecteurs, the regulator has been accused of a lot of jobs in luchtvaatmaatschappijen aware of them, so it’s not an independent opinion. Also, it would be a little FAA experts have been involved in the certification of the aircraft.

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