former secret service agent, of the Security of the state, which deputy prime minister Didier Reynders (MR), accused of corruption emerges from the shadows. On the website of The Time, the man known as Nicolas Ullens de Schooten.

The public prosecutor’s office in Brussels carries out an investigation to the deputy prime minister and minister of Foreign Affairs and of Defence, mr Didier Reynders, after the allegations of an ex-secret service agent. The man, from 2007 through 2018 by the national Security service. In police questioning does Ullens mention of a bribe that would be paid in a series of public procurement contracts and public procurement. He’s referring to, inter alia, to the removal of the federal police is the state administrative Centre in Brussels, belgium, Kazachgate and it is a case of Many mutual funds.

the Ullens for Reynders, European commissioner, to be appointed as the public prosecutor’s harder to make an investigation. The struggle is intended to protect the public interest. “I am aware of the fact that the camp-Reynders: I am trying to put it as someone who knows politics would be damaged. But that’s just not true. About 80 percent of the social environment in which I was struggles, votes for him. I don’t have any personal significance to me and to him,” he said at The Time.

“just in case anything unusual were to happen, I’m not going to go out to the parking lot, in Cointe (where the PS-politician Andre Cools in 1991, has been murdered, eds.), I’m not suicidal and I don’t see any reason to put an end to my life,” says Ullens again.

Didier Reynders is responding on behalf of an attorney. “Is my client on Saturday and see all of the allegations are denied by the media,” said the lawyer. “I’ve been in contact with the floor, and I don’t have any new element to be received since Saturday. I hope that there will be as soon as possible, in full clarity, is provided. It is clear that the man behind the allegations speak only damage themselves in the process.”