Keywords-Abc – “The filling station network is not developed over night,” Who are the CEOs and brand leaders of the Swiss Automobile importers, and what do you think? are Michael Glinski, since 1. January 2018 the managing Director of Porsche Switzerland AG, has become the first, our cue-Abc Dieter Liechti2 Kommentare2


If I drive in the 911 over the Grimsel pass, answered, I want to draw myself. When I’m in a traffic jam, I wish already today, the fully Autonomous Driving. Porsche will certainly not be the first manufacturer with fully Autonomous vehicles, and we don’t have to. But it is more and more about the individual assistance systems enter the vehicle, depending on the series more or less.

Porsche-Switzerland-in-chief Michael Glinski with the electric Porsche Taycan: “another meaning of acceleration.”Photo: Thomas beech forest entry-level model: The Porsche Taycan 4S delivers up to 530 Electric-HP (Overboost) and creates a maximum range of 400 kilometers, according to the WLTP measurement.Porsch Eder sporty four-door will cost at least 135’700 Swiss francs – charge list against the top wide open.Porsche typically Porsche: The rear with the light bar.Porsche modern sportiness: the Cockpit of The Taycan.Porsche1 / 5


I can only quote Walter Röhrl: “When Accelerating the tears of emotion scale must flow right to the ear.” This is me recently on a ride in the 911 Turbo S happens and also when I for the first Time in a Taycan phases – as acceleration for me has actually a different meaning.


A pandemic on this scale no one could foresee. The scale for the company, but also for the automotive industry is enormous and not yet fully in sight.


Porsche started with the Taycan in a new Era, especially in the field of digitisation. We need to as a sports car manufacturer, the new technology with the combine, what the brand is traditionally. And the best Benefit for our customers.

“75 percent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road!”

Michael Glinski, Porsche-in-chief Switzerland,

electric mobility

Fits sports cars, because acceleration and force are even faster than a nitro. In total, we are investing to 2022, six billion in electric mobility. The result: in the year 2025, we will deliver 50 percent of our vehicles with pure electric or hybrid drive.


Porsche has more than 70 years of experience, as you can move a car quickly around corners. And that’s not only me, each and every day joy.


Porsche is very closely associated with the car salon – and this already since more than 70 years. As the decision was made to cancel this year’s show, bleeding us all is the heart. After we had digested the initial shock, we look forward to the Geneva International Motor Show in 2021.


Currently Covid-19, generally speaking, electro-mobility and digitisation.


… shows up for me in the Transformation of the company. It takes heads, the abstract thinking and purpose to act. Porsche has achieved this in its history many times, and shows with the Taycan, how it succeeds again.

Joker (free statement)

Our Joker, the Swiss trading organization with your 14 Porsche centres: Porsche can build such a fascinating vehicles, without the customer service, the purchasing and ownership experience is not the same thing.

“sustainability is an integral part of our self-understanding.”

Michael Glinski, Porsche-in-chief Switzerland,


At Porsche, the interaction is very large, even in times of crisis. We have put together from the first hour of the Corona-pandemic a package of measures to discharge our Swiss dealer and are involved in various initiatives.


time with the family.


Means freedom for me. I am convinced, even if ownership claims of the younger generations to change that individual mobility will in the future continue to be in high demand.


Is an integral part of our self-understanding. This does not mean that the Taycan drives only CO2 neutral, but also is produced. The Taycan production in Zuffenhausen is already CO2-neutral, as is the supply of energy for our entire parent plant. We are of our responsibility for the environment and society. This is to be, it is also fair to give our business to secure success for the future.

classic cars

I dream of a 911 R, built in 1967. It really is desirable that such automotive treasures continue to drive on our roads. We see the solution in synthetic fuels.


For nearly 20 years, my Passion and also the most successful and most emotional brand of exclusive athletic mobility.


Is an indispensable feature of a Porsche sports car. 75 percent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road. I am in this respect very reflected and know that we are our own quality standards are always meet. But I see this as a very positive development.


Is in the case of purely electric vehicles is a bigger issue than in the case of Burners, although both drive concepts have a limited range. The sticking point is the infrastructure In the latest five years, the topic range will play here no role. Then there will be a similarly dense network, as in the case of normal gas stations. And this network is not developed over night.


I live now since more than two years in Zurich and enjoy the friendliness and attentiveness in Switzerland. This contributes very much to the high quality of life.

dream car

Again, the 911 R, but the Generation of the 991 by 2016.

the environment

Our company founder, Ferry Porsche, took in the 1970s, the opinion, who builds a sports car, you must pay attention to a long value, and nature is allowed to take away anything.

“I wonder, sometimes, how the 911 an even more dynamic and efficient.”

Michael Glinski, Porsche-in-chief Switzerland,


Porsche sports cars with efficient internal combustion engines will still exist for a long time.

is hydrogen

definitely Has potential, but at Porsche, we have relied on electro-mobility. And for good reason: In the entire chain of effects of mobility and E-car today is roughly three times more efficient than a hydrogen car. Even if you include the battery production, the ratio is still one-to-two compared to the hydrogen.


Porsche X-factor is the staff – especially at the development centre in Weissach are. I wonder, sometimes, how the 911 an even more dynamic, it should be faster and more efficient. And the next Generation have made it to our developers again.

Yin and Yang

all of us at Porsche are working hard and a lot, but we also have a lot of Fun. The two go together for me.

the future

We want to drive emission free in the future and a technological take on a pioneering role, for us this is the future of electric mobility.

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