Political crime in Germany”, The highest danger comes from the right”, The German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, is concerned about the sharp increase in politically motivated crime – and the rampant anti-Semitism.Dominique Eigenmann from Berlin5 Kommentare5Tritt for a “strong state” a: The German interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) at the presentation of the police statistics.Photo:

a year Ago, a neo-Nazi in Kassel, Germany, were murdered by the German politician Walter Lübcke, seven months ago the handle into the hall a right wing extremist, a synagogue and shot two people, three months ago, a racist in Hanau, Germany, killing ten people: A comparable right-wing serial murder case, has not seen Germany in the recent past.

“The greatest danger is from the right”, said the German interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), when he presented in Berlin on Wednesday, the police statistics for the past year. The Thuringian Georg Maier (SPD), who is currently Chairman of the conference of interior Ministers of the länder pointed out that you have to do it with a “new Dimension” to what regards the threat to democracy. You do not have rights extremist structures to be long enough and not strong enough in combat. The fact that extremists today, especially on the Internet, radicalized, make the task easier.

more offences from the left

According to the official statistics, there were only 2016 even more cases of politically motivated crime in the past year. Right-wing extremists committed more than half of them, around 22’000. The were almost 10 percent more than in the previous year. Even more, the offences rose by the extreme left, namely by 24 percent to almost 10’000. Islamists, for comparison, took a 27.5 per cent fewer offences than in the previous year.

More anti-Semitic crimes than ever

Despite the rise in politically motivated crime and the extreme right-wing murder spree of the last few months the amount declined to acts of violence, astonishingly: in the case of left-wing extremists to 21.5 per cent, in the case of right-wing extremists by almost 15 percent. Right-wing extremists committed to 2019, twice as many bodily injury (828), such as the left extreme (405).

In the case of the anti-Semitic offences, the authorities have recorded in the past year, an increase of 13 per cent more than in 2000. This is the highest level, since it raises the Pay of all Central, since 2001. Felix Klein, the anti-Semitism officer of the government, concludes two things: Apparently there is in society a latent anti-Semitism, the let difficult to push back. To other eyes were light, more and more witnesses and victims ready, anti-Semitic criminal offences. More than 9 out of 10 cases, the police are to be attributed to extreme right-wing perpetrators.

New Hetzwelle due to Corona

a third of 2019 offences against official and elected representatives, Mayors or local politicians who are about increased. The Corona-crisis have led straight to a new series of threats and insults, the responsibility-makers at all levels of the state meet, said Holger Münch, head of the Federal criminal police office. You see this with increasing concern.

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