After an exceptionally mild and dry winter, what does spring have in store for us? According to the seasonal forecasts of La Chaîne Météo, the next quarter promises to be “overall little watered”, unlike this month of March, and quite dry throughout the territory. “At the scale of the April-May-June quarter, the temperatures forecast in France should be higher than the seasonal averages (based on the last 30 years) with a difference close to 1°C”, specifies the site specializing in meteorology.

In April, don’t discover yourself by a thread… However, the temperatures for the month are expected to be 0.5 to 1°C above seasonal norms, announces La Chaîne Météo. A “moderate” anomaly, according to the forecaster, which does not exclude “cool periods in which late frosts may occur”.

On the sky side, the month of April could be less rainy than the month of March. “The anticyclonic influence would predominate over northern Europe, inducing drier than average weather over the northern half of France.

On the other hand, depressions would circulate in the Mediterranean, concerning the Iberian Peninsula and the south of our country, in particular the south-east”, details the site specializing in meteorology. Precipitation which would be synonymous with good news, particularly on the Coast d’Azur and Roussillon, which are the areas with the greatest deficits in France.

Note: several other seasonal models envisage, for their part, the persistence of wet weather in April. Regarding temperatures, reliability is quite good at this time.

What is the weather forecast for May 2023?

Can we really wear what we like in May, as the saying goes? If the models of La Chaîne Météo forecast temperatures still higher than the average for the season, the flows coming from the north could be responsible for days that are still very cold, accompanied by late frosts.

In addition, France could be cut in two, with a pronounced rainfall deficit over the northwestern two-thirds of the territory… While rainy-stormy episodes could increase in the south-east.

Finally, what can we expect from June, the first month of meteorological summer?

The month of June 2023 should be abnormally hot, with a temperature anomaly close to 2°C. “All the seasonal numerical models are consistent with this forecast”, warns La Chaîne Météo.

On the precipitation side, the conditions should be classic for the month of June, with stormy rains. “The stormy axis would be located mainly to the west and south-west, sometimes going up to the northeast (…) These storms can limit the duration of heat wave episodes and reduce the drought, unlike these last summers when we were in the “La Nina” period, specifies the forecaster.