Tic-Tac. The clock is ticking and it is speeding up! There are only a few days left for the last taxpayers who have not yet informed the tax authorities of their income for the year 2021. All those who do not live in one of the departments labeled number 55 to 976 are even already late. All others must declare before June 8, 2022 to avoid a series of potential surcharges and penalties, which Planet has already had the opportunity to dwell on.

It remains to be seen, now, whether the forms sent to the tax authorities have been properly completed. In this specific case, it is not only a question of having entered the correct amounts… You must also have made the right choices and ticked the right boxes to benefit from any deductions, reductions and tax credits to which certain taxpayers may be entitled. legitimately claim, because of the very nature of their income.

That being said, don’t panic! It is not because the declaration is already completed that it is no longer possible to correct it, recalls Midi Libre. Any rectification occurring after the filing deadline nevertheless entails the publication of a new tax notice. It is also possible to make annotations after receipt of the latter, at the end of July.

A certain number of boxes allow you to benefit from tax reductions, subject of course to meeting a certain number of criteria. Some of these devices have been designed to encourage savings, others aim to promote home employment or donations… But it is a lesser known mechanism on which Le Revenu has decided to shine the spotlight. This time it is boxes 7CD and 7CE which, according to our colleagues, save up to 2,500 euros per year. Can you take advantage of it?

Boxes 7CD and 7CE allow you to benefit from a tax bonus for those living in an accommodation establishment for dependent elderly people. They are also designed for any relatives participating in the financing of such a financial burden. In fact, explains Le Revenu, the tax reduction only concerns the costs incurred and actually incurred for dependency and accommodation. It is therefore necessary to be able to justify them, which implies being able to provide a certificate issued by the retirement home.

Another important detail that should be taken into account: the ceiling of 2,500 euros (which corresponds to 25% of the costs mentioned within the limit of 10,000 euros) only applies to one person. A couple living in nursing homes can thus deduct more.

Despite the simplification of the tax return process, a number of boxes can seem particularly misleading, notes Capital. This is the case of the following: