Real estate: 15 cities where you can buy for 50,000 euros or less


Buying real estate in mainland France for “only” 50,000 euros… it’s possible! Today, the average price per square meter across France, apartments and houses combined, is 3,202 euros. In some cities in France, the real estate market is such that it makes it possible to acquire housing, often apartments rather than houses, for less than 50,000 euros.

Be careful though, in urban areas these apartments are generally studios or two-room apartments, in old buildings, which will most likely require work. Especially since a reform of the energy performance diagnosis will come into force in January 2023. On the one hand, this pushes owners to sell for less before the application of these new standards. On the other hand, this means that potential buyers will be forced to carry out standardization work as soon as possible.

Meilleurs Agents, a real estate specialist, has identified for all cities in France with more than 100,000 inhabitants the average price per square meter and the corresponding purchasable area at 50,000 euros, as reported by Le Parisien. According to the real estate site, 80% of purchases of property of this type correspond to a rental investment, against 20% for a primary residence, and very marginal purchases of secondary residences.

In some cities, demand significantly exceeds supply, and prices have been rising since Covid. Find below the ranking of the 15 cities in which you could make a real estate investment for 50,000 euros or less, depending on the surface area you could buy there.