Age, employment discrimination? In any case, this is what the Ministry of Labor indicates… According to an Ifop study reported on the site, in 2015, 88% of respondents believed that age over 55 is the most important factor. discriminating, above being pregnant (85%), being disabled (77%) or obese (75%).

Especially since the employability of seniors is a major social issue at the moment, says BFMTV. Only 54% of 55-64 year olds have a job and what the government wants to achieve will not help the situation. The controversial pension reform will raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. It is therefore essential to help recruit seniors.

Fighting against this discrimination requires a new tool on which the executive power is currently working. Like the index of professional equality between women and men, the possibility of establishing an index of seniors is being debated within the government, according to the news channel.

Objective of the maneuver: to encourage the recruitment of over 45s and to deter bad practices. In the event of non-compliance, the companies will be sanctioned. The extent of this sanction has not yet been fixed but will surely be discussed with the social partners.

This index would thus take the form of a note on several criteria such as the recruitment rate of those over 45, their training rate, etc. Or the progressive retirement system implemented within the company.