Scandals to clinic Directors – the University hospital of Zurich, will examine the point of contact for whistleblowers for weeks, the University hospital Zurich because of the inconsistencies of three top doctors in the criticism. Now the Spitalrat to take measures.0 Comment three of the top doctors in the Unispitals Zurich headlines: the Director of The cardiac surgery studies fudged, and interests to have conflicts concealed. (Icon image)KEYSTONEDer Director of the clinic for mouth, jaw and face surgery is to have patients transferred to the own private practice. (Icon image)KEYSTONEUnd the Director of the Hospital gynecology is said to have up to three operations at the same time registered in order to benefit financially. (Icon image)KEYSTONE1 / 3

According to the recent turmoil because of inconsistencies in three of the top doctors of the Spitalrat of the University hospital of Zurich measures. He wants to create a external contact point for whistleblowers, the people, protects, the problems to communicate.

The University hospital of Zurich had to initiate a cultural change. The management must clearly communicate that it was not a betrayal, if you report any problems, said hospital President Martin Waser in an Interview with the NZZ. In the past, reports from whistle-blowers had been not treated.

That the problems were now Public, and also to internal disputes. In a highly competitive environment, the intrigue, were nothing out of the ordinary. For many, it is essential to come once in a boss position. But against the above it will hold tight.

dispute over fee distribution

The rivalries that existed for the part between the between the clinics, but are also a consequence of the fact that the fee distribution will in a fight. This is poison for the cooperation. Waser calls, therefore, for Fixlöhne instead of fees, which could allocate the clinic Directors themselves.

It’s going to be a lot of money. Per year, around 60 million Swiss francs were available, which would be distributed to the 44 health clinics. It always come back to complicated questions of Demarcation. “If we wanted to do under the present System everything correctly, we would need 100 people to check this out,” said Waser.

the duty of water also provides for the policy. The legal basis for this would have to come from a member of the Parliament. Unfortunately, I missed the Council to make the Revision of the fee act, important Soft. The cantonal Parliament rejected a Revision of the fee act at the end of 2017. Today, the signs are different so of water.


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