Sensation Fund in Baden-AG – builders discover Roman BadebeckenBei construction of the Baden Kurplatz a bath from the Roman period have been discovered. An archaeologist speaks of a spectacular find.0 comment the former Hotel Verenahof in Baden AG was discovered during construction of a Roman bathing pools. (Archive image)tamediaDas basin seems to have been to the medieval part of the legendary Baden, Verena bath. (Archive image)tamediaDas basin should according to the assessment by an archaeologist of the second half of the 1. Century or possibly the early 2. Century. (Icon image)KEYSTONE1 / 4

is built On the Kurplatz, Baden AG. In this Work, a spectacular bathing pool has been discovered from the Roman period. The basin seems to have been, according to information from the “Aargauer Zeitung” to the middle ages, part of the legendary Baden, Verena bath.

this bathroom visitors back to the 19th century could. Century under the open sky bathing. Apparently the bath had been reduced in the course of the time, once quoted the “Aargauer Zeitung”, the archaeologist and bathrooms expert Andrea Schaer.

“The Roman bath along with the source version is a spectacular discovery,” said Schaer. The basin is likely to, according to your estimation from the second half of the 1. Century or possibly the early 2. Century.

The question of whether, in Baden, between Roman times and the middle ages, a bathing have passed, it has not been clarified up to today, definitely. The evidence is growing, according to Schaer, however, that here for 2000 years continuously has been bathed.

“We have not expected that we find here,” said Schaer. To get delays, it is because the Work on the Kurplatz still allowed short-term adjustments. Schaer estimates the water area of the long rectangular basins – i.e. the original Verena dip to around 6 times for 14 yards.


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