It was Gabriel Attal, the Minister of Public Accounts, who announced the news: the conditions to be met to obtain the payment of allowances and social minima will be modified from 2024. Invited on Europe 1, he spoke on the future tightening of these conditions and the obligations that will soon be topical. Thanks to this decision, the executive aims to fight against the increasingly recurrent misappropriation of social benefits. Discover, in our slideshow, the list of social benefits that you may lose in 2024.

When the time comes for retirement, many people decide to leave their region of origin or their current city to give in to the temptation of exile. What could be better, in fact, than leaving to enjoy the end of your career in the sun with more serenity and escape? However, retirement abroad has a cost that it is important to know before starting the process. For example, as a French pensioner living abroad, you will have to provide a life certificate each year in order to continue to receive your pension. It will also be essential for you to make a request for reimbursement of your care depending on your place of residence.

By 2024, the conditions of access to certain social benefits, when retiring abroad, will thus evolve. For the time being, residency requirements differ depending on social assistance. Thus, family allowances, but also solidarity allowances such as Aspa or the supplementary disability allowance require a presence of six months per year in France. The period is increased to 8 months for personal housing assistance. As the executive wishes, these provisions will undergo changes from 2024. The payment of social benefits, excluding pensions, will also be impacted by these transformations. Discover, in our slideshow, the social benefits that you could lose in 2024.