“Gault Millau” has been delayed points, only in November, because the Tester of the popular gastro guides are in arrears, will be awarded to the chefs of this year until later – if there is no second Corona-coming wave.Daniel Böniger2 Kommentare2Tanja Grandits at last year’s award ceremony of the “Gault Millau” at the beginning of October 2019 in the Restaurant Stucki in Basel.Photo: Nicole Pont

Tanja Grandits remains longer “chef of the year” than usual. Instead of twelve, they will be replaced only after almost fourteen months.

as you know, the Restaurants in Switzerland were due to the Corona pandemic closed – and the test-eaters of the “Gault Millau were” not a host local to visit. “But they are already on the road again”, writes the head of the gastro guides, Urs Heller, on request.

The hospitality industry have the Support necessary

Normally, the annotated points to the directory with about 800 addresses at the beginning of October on the market. This year, the Guide “with some delay will appear only in mid-November,” said Heller. Since the hospitality industry of a reduction of the Revenue, strongly affected, in need of the excellent chefs and the chef of the interior “very much Support”. Therefore, you place on the Online Channel during the hundred days, the current offer of a hundred Restaurants.

A small caveat makes Urs Heller, then, but: “there Comes a second wave, we must, once again, about the books.” Then the celebrations should, as a rule, hosted by the new “chef of the year”, still take place later. (See here what it gave last year at the award ceremony for the invited guests to eat.)

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