games to play with older people to collect garbage on the beach or reading books for children from underprivileged layers: volunteer work looks good on the lives of young people runs – but a few inspire many politicians think still is. Until the beginning of this week, Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey has presented a concept with which she wants to inspire more young people for a voluntary social or ecological year. For a better recognition of voluntary service at the time of study performance or in training, for example, is to be implemented and also the pocket money of the boys Committed already receive from the state, will be increased, starting in the year 2019, currently at 363 to 402 euros per month.

“It is very valuable to learn as a very young man, that the world may be changing around us due to our commitment,” said Giffey on Tuesday evening on the occasion of the “day of volunteering” this Wednesday.

The largest part of voluntary commitment in Germany, most people lift to free-of-charge – most of them small, expense allowances, travel costs, acquisitions, tax benefits, or cash values in addition to benefits. Estimates of the Federal Statistical office and the survey on Volunteering the German centre for age questions, to be around 15 to 30 million people are currently involved in Germany, for the common good.

, Many children and teenagers

Both sources agree that the majority of German for children and young people makes strong. A good quarter of the volunteers are in favour of this sector, followed by the commitment to local Affairs, the Church, Sport and leisure, social Affairs, seniors and the environment and animal welfare.

In these areas, about one-sixth, so the Federal Statistical office is involved. The slightest commitment to learn culture and politics, with Only about seven or even only three percent of German prove these sectors on a voluntary basis a service.

due to sprightly pensioners

After all, the volunteer survey, collected since 1999, every five years, 2014 showed an increase in the social commitment of a good ten percent – and the trend is rising. Women engage with good, 41 percent somewhat less likely to volunteer than men, with around 45 percent, but strongly. People between the ages of 14 and 49 years of age invest more time in volunteering than older Semester.

the Especially exciting could be the next evaluation in 2019. You should then reflect on whether the Germans will have to be particularly large in-migration in the summer of 2015 is still helpful. However, the number of hours committed, people took off at the same time, since 1999, from six to two hours per week.