Pop-Briefing – With Hip-Hop against the existing OrdnungNach the death of George Floyd, rage and creativity in Rap expression. : A delightfully cranky little person Lo-Fi Pop Album by Newcomer Westerman.Mathias Möller0 comment killer Mike and El-P as Run The Jewels performing in England in 2019.Robin Little /

must hear

Actually, the new Album “RTJ4” from Run The Jewels should appear, Yes, “only” last Friday, but in light of the ongoing protests against racism and police violence drew Killer Mike and El-P, the release by two days.

The Duo in the Hip-Hop for years, both musically and lyrically indicative values, the new Album is last rights. And, of course, for decent Rapper, is the list of the contribution of the musicians exquisite: DJ Premier, Rapper 2 Chainz, Pharrell Williams, Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine), Mavis Staples (The Staples Singers) and Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) the great.

The debut album, “Your Hero Is Not Dead” by the British musician Wants to be heard Westerman of the most fascinating releases of the previous week. With its Lo-Fi-tinged Sound, it sounds almost like a Home-Recording; drum machines and ethereal synth Sounds of the Eighties reference, while Westerman makes his delicate guitar-playing space. Stands out the Song “Confirmation”, a hauntingly clear pop song was already two years ago on a Western Mans Talent.

Also worth listening to this week: The new albums of the Band Muzz to Interpol singer Paul Banks, the Spanish indie rock inside Hinds and the Australian Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.

talked About

is That the violent death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests in the USA are also processed artistic, is clear. As one of the first Terrace Martin and Denzel Curry have lent their feelings in creative expression. “Pig’s Feet” is a brilliant Rapnummer, which is capable of the urgency and the turmoil of the past few days sent to capture. Saxophonist Kamasi Washington is in contradiction with the breathless alleged rape, the three of Youngster G Perico and Battle Rap legend Daylyt.

Also the creative word, among other things, the Rapper Meek Mill and YG have.

The Swiss window

Lovebugs singer Adrian Sieber converts back to Solo paths, currently with the Single “Liliger”, which is a pleasing indie-pop number. Radio-friendly it has become, but that must be nothing Bad.

The EP “Sound Journeys: Switzerland – EP1” sheds light on the local Experimental-music scene. The three pieces by Julian Sartorius, Cyril Bondi & d’Incise and Julie Semoroz & JMO are a sneak preview: Two more EPs to be released until the autumn, then there is a long-player. Worth listening to!

The flowers

In a short email stated Pop-Briefing-Gspäändli Hebeisen recently that the search of the real Highlights of design is currently a bit heavier than usual, and he’s not wrong: Traditionally, there are around Christmas and in the summer small trailer in the release calendar.

But the view to the front makes a variety of silver stripes visible on the horizon: Already next week, on Friday, Bob Dylan 39 appears. Studio album, “Rough and Rowdy Ways”, Neil Young released on the same day, with “Homegrown” old Material from the seventies. In the next week, the younger Generation is up: New albums from the Poptrio Haim and of the Neo-Psychedelia Khruangbin is likely to be the Highlights.

In July, new Material from The Streets, Nicolas Jaar and the proto-Martyr is followed. Two large numbers are waiting for us at the beginning of September. Publications by Jarv … Is (the new Band from Ex-Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker) and Lana Del Rey are.

The piece

The story of Charanjit Singh sounds so bizarre that you believe it’s true: A Session-musicians from Bollywood to quasi-Accidentally in 1982, the first Acid-House Album recorded a few years before the artist came into Chicago on the Roland TB-303 for your purposes. The short version: Singh, had at the time, in Singapore, the new synthesizers and the 808 Drum Machine from Roland, and started off to experiment.

On his Album “Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat”, he recorded traditional Ragas, but without the Sitar. And provided them with Disco-Beats, so Sounds from the grade purchased devices. The story is not entirely new, was so far, but not reach me. And Yes, it really sounds like a Proto-Acid Album.

. The week of sound track

this week something raplastig, from the above mentioned reasons But also with new Material from Bright Eyes, and a Slut-Remix by Console.

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