Netanyahu’s Cabinet – A government de luxe for IsraelElf new ministries plus staff: The new coalition Cabinet under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will cost the taxpayers millions.Alexandra Föderl-Schmid Tel Aviv0 Kommentare36 Ministers and 16 Deputy Ministers: Benjamin Netanyahu and his staff on the way to the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament.Photo: Alex Kolomoisky (Reuters)

It lasted more than 18 months and three elections, marriage in Israel in mid-may, a new government is sworn in, could be the largest in the history of the country, and probably also the most expensive: 36 Ministers and 16 Deputy Ministers for a country with nine million inhabitants. Benjamin Netanyahu has promised many many things, in order to create a fifth term as Prime Minister. It was important to consider the claims of the Likud, the blue-and-white party of his former rival, Benny Gantz, the labour party and two members from other parties.

The structure of the portfolios Netanyahu showed creative: there is a Ministry of social equality in addition to the Ministry of welfare, the Ministry for development of the municipalities in addition to the Ministry of the periphery. A Minister is responsible for education and another for higher education. A joke is circulating in Hebrew already, what you two share could, however, also the Ministry of Religious Affairs: in accordance with the Kosher rules in a jurisdiction for milky and one for meaty meals.

New track and a motorized escort

The Minister of higher education, Zeev Elkin, also got the professionally not just the obvious responsibility for water resources – and therefore requires two Directors-General: one for water, one for higher education. A total of eleven new ministries were created, with a new Ministry to the strengthening and development of the communities first act, decided it must be. All of these ministries are in need of new employees – around three-hundred additional Points.

in Addition, the title of the “alternance Minister was introduced to the President”, the in the first one and a half years of the agreed term, Benny Gantz bears. Then he should replace according to the coalition agreement in November 2021 Netanyahu as head of government. With the title “Prime Minister” are also related claims, such as a motorized escort, an upper-class sedan and special safety precautions. This costs the equivalent of at least five million Swiss francs.

How much is the Swelling of the government costs the taxpayer, the assessments diverge. While the government’s estimate-in-chief Netanyahu of 33 million Swiss francs, estimated to be of the leader of the opposition in the Knesset, Yair Lapid, the more need to 136 million Swiss francs per year. The Opposition also criticized the time: “in the Middle of the Corona-crisis, the government needs even more money” – outraged Lapid.

Save in health care

Netanyahu ordered in the second Cabinet meeting last Sunday, in the new structure of the ministries was adopted unanimously, a savings program: 1.5 percent of the expenditure is expected to save each Ministry – the Ministry of health and welfare is in spite of the Corona-crisis. The only foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi defended himself and got less strict requirements.

Because currently, about a third of the 120 deputies sit at the same time as the Minister or Deputy Minister in the government, was brought forward a law that the Move from politicians, the further back on the top of the list in the election on 2. March had running, allows. The substitutions also cost money: for five million francs.

The blue-and-white party of Gantz will even have problems to find at all follow-UPS. Because after the spin-off of the former Alliance partners, such as Lapid only 15 members remained – and the new government was able to Blue-nominate White 12 Ministers.

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