Solar eclipse: a “ring of fire” visible this weekend!


It is a rare celestial phenomenon. Part of the world’s population will be able to observe an annular solar eclipse this Sunday, June 21, 2020, informs SciencePost. Unfortunately, the French will not be able to contemplate the spectacle from the metropolis. Only Central Africa and part of Asia will have the opportunity to appreciate this “ring of fire” from 3:45 UTC (5:45 in France).

However, part of southeastern Europe and northern Australia will also be able to observe it, but only partially. The particularity of this eclipse also lies in the fact that the apparent diameter of the Moon remains slightly smaller than that of the Sun. This is what causes this ring of light to appear.

With the restrictions linked to the Covid-19 coronavirus, “eclipse hunters” may have difficulty witnessing this celestial phenomenon. However, exceptional measures are planned so that everyone can contemplate the annular solar eclipse. For example, The Virtual Telescope Project site plans to broadcast the event live.

A unique opportunity, because the next ring of solar fire will not be visible before June 10, 2021. It can only be observed from the Arctic. The eclipse will begin in Canada, then cross the northwest coast of Greenland before reaching the North Pole and then eastern Siberia, where it will end.

The next total eclipse, meanwhile, will be on December 14, 2020. Once again, it cannot be seen from France, but mainly from South America.