passengers on a flight from Atlanta, ga in the direction of ho chi minh city have on Wednesday, the shock of their lifetime. In just under seven minutes dropped in the unit of Delta air lines, but, preferably, is at least eight miles to the bottom. An emergency landing in Tampa, and could get worse to avoid.

According to the airline, the layers “of problems with the cabin pressure”, to determine the cause of the problem. The result was a lot of panic among the passengers. On Twitter, in which appeared images of the oxygen masks from the ceiling hung down, while the passengers were hoping for a good outcome. “A lot of people around me to hyperventilate,” said the passenger, Harris DeWoskin. “It was a 60-to 90-frightening seconds in which we didn’t know what was going on.”

The aircraft then made an emergency landing in Tampa, where all the problems might have to get off. The passengers were able to end up with a bus for their travel in the direction of ho chi minh city continue to catch a bus.

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