It was the first title of the new year in the “Bild am Sonntag”: “the handshake of the dispute: Can we expect the Muslims in Germany, you shake hands with women – or is that too much to ask?” 21. December opened Ramona Scherer the appearance of the ring, teams of the RWG Hanau-Erlensee, the AC Bavaria Goldbach. Association League of Hessen, North-East, around 50 spectators, wrote the Reporter of the “main post” two days later. Goldbach won 32:0, because the Russian Junady Bisultanow, his brother Naschawdy and the Bulgarian Sunay Hamidow refuse to be Ramona Scherer.

“As I wanted to control the finger nails, are you back shrugged”, was quoted by the referee in the “main post”. When the three refused the handshake with her on the Mat, disqualified Ramona Scherer, as announced, the wrestlers, and according to the rules. The three Muslims said their fights had never been led by a woman, for their refusal to you have religious reasons. Hamidow said to the reporters of the “picture on Sunday” later, he wanted to do with his attitude to the Partner of the arbitrator honor, and his wife, joy. The reason for the excitement?

The three wrestlers who will fight in Germany for several years, were now blocked by the Hessian wrestling Association because of the Association-injurious behavior, up to and including 31. July. The is consistently. Who stands with the rules of their own sport in conflict, from whatever motive, may not compete. The finger nails, the control of the back – dry or oiled? – the victory does not Lift a fist, without physical contact with the referee rings work. And clearly in this respect, the opposite of a dispute.