Sara Paretsky – Critical mass
placement in the previous month: 1

Chicago, Austria. V. I. Warshawski is determined again, and how! A drug addict on the run, your brilliant son and ran. The core: 1943 in a Nazi forced labour camp stolen inventions of a Jewish physicist, with an IT group in America powerful. Simply great.
from the English by Laudan & Szelinski. Ariadne in the Argument-Verlag, 540 pages, 24 Euro.


Un-Su Kim – The Plotter
placement in the previous month: /

South Korea. Elections are to be held, the old order is broken. Contract killer Raeseng failed. The faithful servant of the old Raccoon, who manages the library of the order of murders, begins to think independently, to feel, to act. Nuts: Korea in the distorting mirror, has to sign off on his Killer.
from the English by Rainer Schmidt. Europe, 360 Pages, 24 Euro.


Patrícia Melo – The neighbor
placement in the previous month: 5

Sao Paulo. Noise is a torment, especially when he comes from the neighbours and an exasperated teacher. Kills the wicked, dismembered him, and gets the remains not removed. Squire 160 pages needs Melo for his Rechtfertigungssuada. Jammer, Brazil! The sharpest black Humor.
from the Portuguese by Barbara Mesquita. Tropical, 160 Pages, 18 Euros.


Fred Vargas – the wrath of The recluse
placement in the previous month: 3

Paris, the South of France. Blaps against Reclusa, dead beetle against recluse spider. Both Arthropods can not kill, only spread fear. Commissioner Adam Berg suspects behind nothing a case. This – ninth – blow almost the Brigade, is hidden under the Hidden, the monstrous game of Revenge.
from the French by Waltraud Black. Limes, 512 Pages, 23 Euros.


Louise Penny – Behind-the-three-pines
placement in the previous month: 2

Montreal, “Three Pines”. In court: Armand Gamache, chief of the Sûreté, in the Clinch with the state’s attorney, to transfer, instead of a Dealer and a murderer. Everything begins and ends at the border village of Three Pines. There is a black figure punches a hole in the postcard. Great Comeback by the canadian author.
from the English by Andrea Stumpf und Gabriele Werbeck. Kampa, 496 Pages, 16.90 Euros.


Tana French – in The dark garden
placement in the previous month: /

Dublin. Everything is going just fine. Toby is a luck-child is a hip,. To him, burglars and the skull hammer. As a neurological convalescent, he moves in with uncle Hugo, who is dying of a brain tumor. In Hugo’s garden, a skeleton is found, Toby’s self-confidence crumbles. He was a murderer?
From the English by Ulrike Wasel and Klaus Timmermann. Joke, 656 Pages, 16,99 Euro.


Christoph Peters – the year of the cat
placement in the month-on-month: 9

Berlin, Tokyo. Escape to the far East: sword master, and Yakuza Onishi is with a companion, Nikola Berlin behind, the Vietnamese competition is in his blood. Home is different: In Japan, a war on the coalfields. Bushido-values are out. Since only the blade helps. Japan noir.
Luchterhand, 352 pages, 22 euros.


Anne Goldmann – The greater crime
placement in the previous month: 6

Austria, Bosnia. Theres is one that can never be excuses. Your a father, a husband, and the daughter on the mouth. Until the Adoption of a given son re-emerges, the adoptive father comes to death and the Silence under the carpets well. Horror of the Patriarchy.
Ariadne in the Argument-Verlag, 240 pages, 13 euros.


Cloé Mehdi – Nothing is lost
placement in the previous month: /

“Verrières”, Banlieue. Mattia, eleven years old, after the suicide of his father under the care of a night watchman and his suicidal girlfriend, watched by police, authorities, psychiatrists. He wants to view: Why has been said by police officers slain? Cloé Mehdi: a young, strong voice of despair.
from the French by Cornelia Wend. Polar, 312 Pages, 18 Euros.


James Anderson – Desert Moon
placement in the previous month: /

Utah. For twenty years, truckers, Ben Jones supplies the desert rats at the Route 117. As to him against the light of a naked cello player appears to be and Claire is as adorable in the flesh disturbed the balanced System, the silent give-and-take.
From the English of Harriet Fricke. Polar, 344 pages, 18 euros