the parents of The baby’s Movements are getting no response from farmareus Novartis, the company that made the potentially life-saving drug Zolgensma, etc. “We have repeatedly made, in the hope, once again, to be able to sit up, but all of our phone calls continue to go unanswered,” says the mommy, she won’t.

It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that we’re not able to do. To the extent that the declaration that a manufacturer of medicinal products, Novartis, last week, suddenly, up it came. The company makes it a very expensive medicine against the fatal disease of SMA is not available, even not on a temporary basis. In order for their daughter to be able to save him, a sign she won’t, and her husband, Tim, then himself, in the amount of € 1.9 million together through an overwhelmingly successful sms campaign. “Pia has given her the injection,” a voice said on Friday to the parents of the baby. “The process to Zolgensma to be, to start up.”

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Nevertheless, it would be the parents of the Movements around the table, with Novartis. “It is not likely that the company will have to give in under the pressure, and the drug is suddenly made available free of charge, it will say that we know,” said mom, Ellen. “However, we would like to talk to you to see what is possible, not only for us but also for other Links pages. There are still some children with SMA suffer.” However, the attempt to have a conversation, there seems not to be working. The parents of Pia and have no heard of it. “Novartis should be no patient contact, which is why we make it, but do it today. We have repeatedly try to call for Novartis, but we didn’t get any reply.”

Ellen, you do not have to. “We will continue to contact them and try to continue. If necessary, I will send you a letter or send an email to the ceo, we can’t give up.”

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Also, the minister of public Health, Maggie De Block, when pharmaceutical company Novartis to continue to insist the drug is available free of charge, in the expectation of a refund. The company says that, by law, could not, however, The Block in the talks that were against it. “The company needs to stay human,” she says.

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