Christmas, M-1. The month of November is coming to an end and December will bring with it the cold, but also the magic of the end-of-year celebrations. The little ones have posted their list to Santa Claus, the older ones have started shopping and the hosts are thinking about what they will be able to serve their guests this year. If the question arises every year, it is even more important in 2022, because of inflation. Unsurprisingly, the flagship Christmas foods will not escape the price rise that has been felt for several weeks.

According to data from the IRI institute, revealed by Le Parisien, all the products that are traditionally found on the New Year’s Eve table will cost you more this year… Except one.

Apart from chocolates, food is on the rise in all areas, from aperitif to dessert. Overall, according to the institute, food inflation is at 11.96% on average between November 2021 and November 2022. The bad news is that the situation will not improve in December because , in addition to this price increase, we must expect some tricks from the food industry.

Every year, in December, the Foodwatch France association publishes its wind calendar, warning about these techniques, including one in particular: the increase in the price per kilo. Some manufacturers do not hesitate to increase the price or reduce the suantity of their product, sometimes at the same time. To avoid being tricked, start your shopping now. Avoiding the rush of the Christmas holidays will allow you to choose the most economical products and not those that remain on the shelves, often the most expensive…