“A smart meter that accompanies usage and optimizes your water management”. This is how the Véolia company presents, on its site, the “Téléo” device, a communicating device supposed to record the water consumption of homes in France by remote reading, by radio broadcast, and thus avoid the movement of its agents… Like Enedis’ Linky meter, for electricity.

And in the same way, for a few months, Véolia has been pulling out all the stops to attract local authorities and deploy its meter across the whole of France.

The company has even already installed more than 3 million “Téléo” in France but also in Europe.

And she’s not the only one.

Suez, for its part, has also developed a smart water meter model, already in use in several French municipalities: ON’Connect, a “communicating” device to facilitate the management of your water contract: actual billing, consumption monitoring live, alert in the event of a leak or overconsumption…’, specifies the company’s website.

The stated objective, for both devices, therefore seems to facilitate the management of water consumption for their customers. But these projects are far from satisfying everyone, which is reminiscent of the wave of protest caused by the large-scale installation of the Linky electricity meter.

Recently, a resident of Toulouse filed a complaint for “home invasion”. According to her, the Téléo meter would have been installed without her agreement, specifies La Dépêche.

Concretely, if the meters are to be deployed in your region, you will receive a letter informing you of a campaign to renew the devices, for which you must make yourself available in order to facilitate access to the installations.

Installation then only takes a few minutes. A sensor is then affixed to your water meter. Twice a day, it communicates your consumption to a control center, which is also capable of detecting anomalies.

Thanks to this device, you can also keep an eye on your water consumption at all times, by going to your supplier’s site, or to an application.

Also, in the event of overconsumption, users will be alerted by SMS or via a notification if they use the dedicated application, specifies franceinfo.

These meters, already present in many municipalities, should soon be deployed in new territories.

According to the Véolia website, the Téléo meter has already been adopted by the following communities:

It is being installed, according to La Dépêche, in the Toulouse conurbation. Same thing, according to Ouest-France, in the Grosbreuil region (Vendée)

The Suez counter has been deployed since this summer in Dunkirk, according to the Voix du Nord, in Tournugeois, according to the Journal de Saône-et-Loire, and in the agglomeration of Brive-la-Gaillarde (Corrèze), observes franceinfo.

In the long term, they mainly help to save water on a national scale.

Suez is thus committed to achieving 8% water savings in private individuals over the next 7 years.